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Message of the Day

Welcome to Business Online Banking with Fidelity State Bank and Trust Company! BEWARE OF FAKE CHECK SCAMS. Fidelity continues to see attempts by criminals to pass fake checks to both consumers and businesses. The best way to avoid such scams - know your customers, and know any business with whom you do transactions. Red flags can be checks from out of state, particularly from another country or issued by a bank in another country. BE VERY WARY of any encounter like the following: An unknown person or business who says you have won a prize,and wants you to pay "taxes" or a "deposit". Anyone who wants to buy your product or service sight unseen; they may give a check as deposit then suddenly cancel the transaction, asking for a refund from you. Anyone who is willing to give you a check for more than the cost of the item or service and asks you to refund the difference. If a transaction seems to good or be true or makes you suspicious, you should avoid it. Please contact the commercial banking or bookkeeping department at 785-295-2100 if have any questions.
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